Flasher Bumpers

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We offer bumpers for your 360 rotating flashers in both Stainless Steel wire and 200lb Monofilament.

The Stainless steel is a small diameter wire that cuts through the water allowing you to get the most action out of your rotating flasher. The downside is over time the wire will develop small kinks. Overall we prefer the wire.

The Monofilament bumper is a larger diameter than the wire so it creates a little more drag (resistance) on the flasher but will not develop the kinks that wire is prone to getting. The Mono bumpers are no doubt the most popular 

Available in 18 inch, 24inch and 30 inch lengths, the deeper the water the longer the length, the longer the length the wider rotation the flasher will make. In depths up to 25 feet we prefer the 18 inch and when trolling deep, over 50ft we prefer the 30 inch.

Made with 100 pound snap swivels and 100 pound bead chain to minimize line twists.


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