Prawn Spinners

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Prawn Spinners - More and more salmon anglers are relying on prawn spinners for success. If you are in the PNW and fish spring and summer chinook in places like the infamous "Drano" or mouth of the Wind River, on some days 90% of the rods are dragging Prawn Spinners behind them.

We tie ours on a Flourocarbon Hybrid line, its a super abrasion resistant line with an incredible knot strength, and our hooks are a Super Strong, Super sharp 2x Octopus hook.

*To order simply click on the line size, then blade color, and last hook size the add to cart.

And don't forget to get your Coon Shrimp while you are here, if you can not find it just type in "Washington Coon Shrimp" into the search, you can thank us later!!



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