Pre-Tied UV Yarnie Spools

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We spared no shortcuts here, all our Yarnies are tied with UV material, Yozuri Hybrid Flouroclear   line and 2x Strong Octopus hooks...And with all of our PCO Signature series tackle its manufactured right here in our home town of Toutle Wa. 

    Yarnies are a great substitute for bait, whether you drift fish them, bobber dog with a bead trailer or just fish them under a float. What makes yarnies most deadly is when you saturate them with your favorite scent.

You customize your order, just select the hook size, color pattern, and line size!!

* Not every combination is available as there was no need to list a 4/0 hook with 8lb line, so if your selection says unavailable, try the next line size up or down


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